Saturday, May 3, 2008

Miniature Jute Dollhouse Rug

Here a nice little rug that would look cute in your miniature kitchen, laundry, or green house.

What you will need: Corsage Pins (Any longs pins will do), Scissors, Dollar Store Twine, Quick Clear Drying Glue, Wax Paper, Pencil, Scrap Paper & Styrofoam.

Start by making a simple drawing of the rug you have in mind on scrap paper. Or you can print out my pattern. Just right click and save the above picture. Place the wax paper over the drawing and pin to styrofoam.

With your jute twine begin at the center and work your way out pinning and lightly gluing as you go, to hold in place. Let the first ring dry before adding additional rings.

Once all the rings have been finished, trim the jute and glue end in place.

Begin second row with a new piece of jute. Place Glue around the last ring of the first row and place a dot of glue where the loops cross. Let this dry to anchor the second row in place.

Then continue to make your loops. Making sure all the loops are going the same direction and roughly the same size. Tip* Twisting the jute snug will make a loop for you

Trim ends and tuck under and glue in place. Let dry.

Start third row by gluing jute onto two loops to anchor. Place a dot of glue one the ends of the loops. Pin to secure. Let dry. Leave a tail on the starting end to trim off later

For the next step, glue the first ring of the third row. Gluing and pinning as you go. Before gluing the last few loops trim the staring end off and glue in place. Let dry before finishing rings

Place glue on edge of inner ring. Pin to hold as you go.

Trim end of row three and glue in place.

Next take three pieces of jute that measure two and half times the circumferance of the finished rug. Tie a knot in the end and pin to styrofoam. Neatly braid. Place Glue the braid right below the knot so it wont fray Let dry. Trim off knot.

Glue jute braid to row three and let dry. Enjoy your new rug!

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springdaleia said...

This is a wonderful tutorial!!! I hope to try it in 1/4" scale, using a finer thread. I hope you make more tutorials. Seeing photos really helps me create. Thanks!
Thelma S. in Utah

Tammy said...

Your quite welcome for the tutorial. I am almost finished with a tutorial for the basket on the rug. I am hoping to have it posted by this weekend. So stay tuned LOL
Doing the rug in 1/4 scale sounds like fun. The jute untwists into three strands. I bet one or two strands twisted back together would work just fine.Just make sure you trim the fuzzies off after each step I have been thinking of trying other types of string and yarn for this rug. Let me know how it goes. Oh and I would love to see pictures of your finished rug(s)... Mini Blessings, Tammy Renee

Gail said...

I absolutely LOVED your “Make a basket out of McSauce” idea! I was "Born" a dollhouse collector and have been sadly separated from it for a few years. With the economy the way it is, I'm so glad to see that people are still dong dollhouses. Of course we are a creative lot, but it's fun to see what people come up with on a dime. I myself have made many of my own pieces. But I'm writing to tell you my short story:
My Great-Aunt died and she left me a lot of her antique/ vintage dollhouse furniture pieces. I just got done putting them up on eBay (I kept all the sentimental pieces). When I put them up there, I really didn't think anyone would want them because they had been "well loved." My Great-Aunt always said that if the children couldn't play with them, then they (the dollhouses) weren't worth having. Although hers were immensely detailed, she always let us play in them (supervised of course!) So, I priced all my pieces very low hoping someone creative would see the potential. So, please, pass my info along to your other readers. THERE ARE CHEAP DOLLHOUSE PIECES ON EBAY. My screen name is gailzie2001. Thanks so much. Keep up the great, cheap, ideas! I love them!

(One quick idea that she had that I absolutely loved: she glued alphabet noodles (Dried) to a green and red piece of ribbon and spelled out “merry Christmas” making herself a miniature banner that she hung over the fireplace mantel. Cute idea huh?! Cheap and easy!)

Happy Mini Making! Gail.