Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tutorial: Vintage Dollhouse Witches Hat

A new member of one of my dollhouse miniature groups asked how I made this hat. Below is my reply. Feel free to post any questions in the comments section.

Belinda I have been planning on making a tutorial for this hat for a little while now. Here is a brief discription on how it's done. I took some scrap greeting card weigth card board and made a tall cone as a base to glue my fabric onto, which is a piece of vintage corduroy upholstery fabric glued on sideways.The salvage edge of the fabric was all fuzzy which I used as trim on the bottom. Test fit the fabric to see how you like it before you glue to the card board cone. You can trim later. Cover the cone in white tacky glue, enough to soak into the fabric and the card board. After the glue sets up for a few mins the glue softens the card board and you then mold, squish, crush your hat. Let dry. The feathers are small pieces of hand curled peacock feathers. The bow is an scrap of vintage green picot ribbon topped with an old tarnished jewlery finding.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Miniture Fall Swap All Wrapped

My fall swap for my Miniature Castles group is all wrapped and ready to go! I hand made the tags using some vintage black bird on berries clip art. The sofa in the back I have recovered with some vintage upholstery material. I plan on making for it cushions soon.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

1:12 Miniature 4TH Of July Printies For Your Dollhouse

I made these printies a couple of years back for 4th of July stand.

I have a few firework tutorials in the works along with and will post them as soon as I am done with making a Halloween swap. I would love to hear comments and see pictures of any projects that my tuts and printies have helped create.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dollhouse Basket Tutorial

Tips* This project can be very messy with all the glue. So to keep your hands very clean. (unless you want an old dirty looking basket) I use a couple of old wash cloths. One damp to clean the glue off my fingers and the other to dry.

Supplies and materials needed:
Quick Dry White Glue.
Close pins & Pencil
Piece Of Burlap- 7"x 3"
Scrap Cardboard
Condiment Cup (CC) The one I used in this project is a nugget sauce cup from a McFast food restaurant.

Trace the bottom of the CC on the scrap cardboard. The cut-out doesn't have to be perfect. The burlap will cover quite a few imperfections.

Next trim off the CC lip. I used a pair of sharp craft scissors. An Exacto knife will work too but be careful not to slip and cut down the side of the CC. Or worse yet your fingers. This is also the time to cut the CC shorter if you prefer shallow baskets.

Covering your basket
Cut burlap pieces. One 6.5" x 3" piece ( to cover basket ) and two pieces at least 1/4" bigger around then the cardboard bottoms.

Place a thin line of glue around the edges of all 3 pieces to keep from fraying while working. Let dry.

Next glue the two cardboard bottoms into the middle of matching burlap pieces. Set these aside to completely dry for later.

Match up the burlap along the inside bottom edge of CC. Leave about an 1/8" of starting end of burlap unglued so that the finished end of the fabric will match up correctly and the white side of the cup wont show.

Spread glue on one half of a short side and third of the way around to the next corner of the CC.

Do one corner and one side at a time. I like to make sure the pervious corner is almost dry if not all the way before going on to the next.

Continue gluing the side holding in place with close pins as you go.

As it dries go back and check glued burlap and press back into shape as needed. Basically you are molding the fabric over as it dry's.

When the 1st corner is almost dry, trim off all but a 1/4 inch of burlap. Do this in sections and add glue lines if fraying.

As you begin to work on the last corner flip the unglued burlap back.

Glue ending burlap in place. Flip burlap back over and glue.

The inside should look something like this now.

Trim off a little under an 1/8" from the bottom edge. Glue and mold to the sides.

Finishing Basket Bottoms
Now begin gluing the two bottom pieces you had set aside earlier to dry. Fold over all four pieces of burlap and glue. Trim off corners when dry.

Glue the bottom inside piece first into the CC

As the glue soaks into cardboard it will be more ply able and easier to mold to the curved bottom for a nice fit

Use a generous amount of glue on the burlap covered cardboard bottom piece

Push until you see some glue. Spread excess glue with a pin along the edge and start molding again. Make sure your hands are clean. Add more glue to make ply-able as need to mold.

Enjoy your new basket!
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Miniature Jute Dollhouse Rug

Here a nice little rug that would look cute in your miniature kitchen, laundry, or green house.

What you will need: Corsage Pins (Any longs pins will do), Scissors, Dollar Store Twine, Quick Clear Drying Glue, Wax Paper, Pencil, Scrap Paper & Styrofoam.

Start by making a simple drawing of the rug you have in mind on scrap paper. Or you can print out my pattern. Just right click and save the above picture. Place the wax paper over the drawing and pin to styrofoam.

With your jute twine begin at the center and work your way out pinning and lightly gluing as you go, to hold in place. Let the first ring dry before adding additional rings.

Once all the rings have been finished, trim the jute and glue end in place.

Begin second row with a new piece of jute. Place Glue around the last ring of the first row and place a dot of glue where the loops cross. Let this dry to anchor the second row in place.

Then continue to make your loops. Making sure all the loops are going the same direction and roughly the same size. Tip* Twisting the jute snug will make a loop for you

Trim ends and tuck under and glue in place. Let dry.

Start third row by gluing jute onto two loops to anchor. Place a dot of glue one the ends of the loops. Pin to secure. Let dry. Leave a tail on the starting end to trim off later

For the next step, glue the first ring of the third row. Gluing and pinning as you go. Before gluing the last few loops trim the staring end off and glue in place. Let dry before finishing rings

Place glue on edge of inner ring. Pin to hold as you go.

Trim end of row three and glue in place.

Next take three pieces of jute that measure two and half times the circumferance of the finished rug. Tie a knot in the end and pin to styrofoam. Neatly braid. Place Glue the braid right below the knot so it wont fray Let dry. Trim off knot.

Glue jute braid to row three and let dry. Enjoy your new rug!

Copyright Tammy Renee, 2008, all rights reserved

Permission is explicitly denied for any republication of text or photographs in this article without the prior express written consent of the author.