Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tutorial: Vintage Dollhouse Witches Hat

A new member of one of my dollhouse miniature groups asked how I made this hat. Below is my reply. Feel free to post any questions in the comments section.

Belinda I have been planning on making a tutorial for this hat for a little while now. Here is a brief discription on how it's done. I took some scrap greeting card weigth card board and made a tall cone as a base to glue my fabric onto, which is a piece of vintage corduroy upholstery fabric glued on sideways.The salvage edge of the fabric was all fuzzy which I used as trim on the bottom. Test fit the fabric to see how you like it before you glue to the card board cone. You can trim later. Cover the cone in white tacky glue, enough to soak into the fabric and the card board. After the glue sets up for a few mins the glue softens the card board and you then mold, squish, crush your hat. Let dry. The feathers are small pieces of hand curled peacock feathers. The bow is an scrap of vintage green picot ribbon topped with an old tarnished jewlery finding.