Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tutor / Medieval Dollhouse Minis

A yahoo group I am part of had this fabulous dollhouse tutor / medieval miniature swap. I decided to make a wooden jewel chest, its not really wooden per say its made of card stock, that's flat wood pulp, so yea, its a wooden chest. Ha Ha. The book cover is made with piece of card board cut to size and then shaped to fit over the book pages. Tissue paper, (my fancy way of saying TP) is then glued over the cover, let to dry and then painted. The pages are made from the end of an used legal pad, you know whats left over after you tare away all the paper, with a glued printie on top. Click here to go to the printables for I made for this.
Tammy Renee
PS: Stay tuned for pics of some of what I received in this swap.

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